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All Saints' Teen Soyo

Upcoming Events
Book of Ruth

Upcoming Events

This page has a list of upcoming events for Teen SOYO, so mark them down on your calendars!

This month:
  Friday, December 29, is MovieNight at 7pm. It will be at the Letendre's house and we will be roasting marshmallows over an open fire.  
  Sunday, December 3 , is the monthly meeting usually held in the Parish house after Sunday school.
Notes for this meeting:
    1. Christmas Grab Bag
   2. Soyo Officiers
   3. Movie Nights
   4. Money for the Orphan
   5. Monastery Trip

Next month:
As far as known:
   On January 19 , is the monthly Movie/Game Night between 7-7:30pm.
    On January 21, is the monthly SOYO Meeting held in the Parish House directly after the church service.


Attention Parishioners:
If you want to host a Teen Soyo movie night you can contact Paul Kushiner or Bleys and Lynn Kueck. The movie nights are to be work out with what is easier for your schedule and ours.

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