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All Saints' Teen Soyo

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Book of Ruth

"The Book of Ruth" Play

The Book of Ruth is a annual play performed by Teen SOYO that tells the Story of Biblical character named Ruth and every year is done in different themes such as Star Wars theme, silent movie theme or even pirate theme (shown below).


Summary of Story:
"Tells the story of an Israelite couple who moved to Moab during a famine in Canaan. The husband and his two sons died, leaving the mother (Naomi) alone with her two daughters-in-law (Orpah and Ruth). Naomi decided to move back to Israel and Ruth insisted on going back with her. Back in Israel, they look to their relative Boaz for help and Ruth finally married Boaz. From their family came the royal family of King David and the Messiah, Jesus Christ."
-New International Version

The Book of Ruth (2006)
Download this play in a Microsoft Word file for a printable version.

Book of Ruth Play 2006

The Book of Ruth (2007)
Download this year's play in the link below compatible with Microsoft Word documents.


Book of Ruth Play 2007

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